What is the cloud?

"The cloud" is a name given to a location that can be accessed by everyone from anywhere and is not limited by capacity. It can be a public cloud (meaning anyone can access it) or a private cloud (only a limited number of people can access it). It's actual name is Cloud computing.

Advantages of the cloud

You can access files and software from any location in the world and most often from any device with an internet connection. This means that if you uploaded a document to "The cloud" you and anyone else allowed can access the same document from a single place.

This is different to sending a copy of your document to several people (via e-mail for example) who would then have their own versions of that document. There would never be a single point of reference to get the latest document.


Are all VLEs on the cloud?

NO! Some learning platform providers require a physical server to be installed at your school or request that your school hosts the product yourself.

If you are looking for a new learning platform (VLE) provider always ask them to clarify this.
In some cases your school infrastructure or local council might not allow such changes to take place if it will affect internal systems