Why integrate?

Our goal is to unify content into a single area for our teachers and students so they can access content through the VLE without the hassle of remembering countless usernames and passwords.


How we integrate

The labels below are designed to help you understand how we integrate with different content providers

Authenticated using content provider's own single sign-on method. (No login required).
Authenticated with our unique 'Connect' system as no single sign-on method is available from the provider.
We connect to the content provider using their API so that you can browse and import their resources using our VLE.
Our unique "Virtual files" feature will create virtual files from third-party content. Import images, video and interactive activities with thumbnail and tagging automation!

Are you a content provider?

If you aren't listed above then we'd love to hear from you! Our content library is designed to give our schools access to excellent learning content and resources. And the best part? We charge no fees to get integration working and we take no commission from any subscriptions you acquire.

Teachers - If you are already subscribed to a content provider who isn't listed, ask us to integrate and we'll do our best to help.