Implement our Secondary Solution for your school and gain access to a powerful, feature-rich learning tool which can deliver your learning resources in multiple languages and on any device.


Powerful Multimedia

We support over 160 file types, and with unlimited storage. Now you can deliver that video authoring class without limitation! Import media directly via webcam, mobile device or upload zip files. Full thumbnail display of photos, video and audio media. Easy drag and drop interface. Embed content directly from a range of providers, create and edit web-driven pages with ease and flexibility.



Course Management

Create assessed quizzes in minutes not hours. Establish whole-class learning resources with a few clicks. Schedule your courses to meet with timetables and provide seamless access to users' tablets and mobiles. Communicate with students in each course using forums and announcements. Assign homework and tests or create your own learning routes. Fully SCORM and QTI compatible.

Real-Time Dashboard

A dynamic launch-pad for all your learning needs. We've brought all of your important and relevant items into a dashboard that reports everything of importance. You can customise the dashboard and select which information is important for your needs from a wide range of useful panels. Change the layout of your panels to place the most important information where you can see it.



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Check our our Features page to get the full list of features and tools available in all of our learning platforms.

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